'Diggin' Up Black Gold'

Audio package from ‘Diggin’ Up Black Gold’ an event to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1984/5 Miners’ Strike in Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire in March 2014.

Featuring the song ‘The Snowman’ about mischievous pickets at Manvers Main colliery whose taunting of the police led to an officer driving his LandRover in to the snowman they built to find it was constructed around a concrete bollard!

Other contributions include residents of the town (who two years earlier had been vilified for their own funeral event marking the death of Margaret Thatcher) and our very own Geoff Bright speaking on behalf of the Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign.

It’s not the most slick package, but I think gives a sense of some of the issues relating to what the strike and its commemoration mean to local people.


Max MundayComment