"Musing on this question I have been thinking about the film ‘Close  Encounters of the Third Kind’, in which a diverse group of people experience what Freud might have called “Uncanny” compulsions to gather at a vast crater in a remote landscape. A magnificent space ship lands
there. Some kind of planetary malevolence had been feared but benign intentions are signalled between the space ship and the Earth’s scientists and officials present via the magical harmonisation of a 5 point musical notation. Then 'ghostly’ looking aliens appear and beckon
the 'chosen’ earthlings to depart with them. No one knows where to, but all present sense and cognate that it is to a good place and that some kind of higher learning will occur and be brought back to Earth one day.Drawing on this film scenario as a sort of metaphor, I would like to see
if our Ghost Lab can hybridise (magically harmonise?) and deploy creative techniques that cause members of UtC to not only become aware of, but somehow befriend the ghosts haunting their respective histories, communities and selves.I am extremely interested in considering how the conscientization of “contested pasts” might be (or be being), transmuted into what I would call “solutional” personal and social “pathways” rather than problem-orientated psychologies or deviances. In the context of the Unite the Community group, whose underlying raison d'etre is to foster activism, this seems to me highly apposite.

Social HauntingComment