Social Haunting: Talking to the Ghosts of our Past 

This is the final radio documentary Social Haunting: talking to the ghosts of our past commissioned as part of the project. It was broadcast in early February on community stations, Sheffield Live, Sine FM and Crescent FM covering both the Lancashire and South Yorkshire regions of the project.

The documentary was recorded, produced and presented by Max Munday. If you have feedback or would like to know more, email: 

The broadcasts have been very well received on social media, and by well-known BBC Sheffield radio presenter, Rony Robinson who interviewed both Max Munday and Dr Geoff Bright on Tuesday’s mid-morning programme. Rony was very complimentary about the documentary and said he was extremely interested in the subject of the research project and the questions it raises about how the past imprints itself on the present - both in what has been, but also what could have been.

You can listen back to the interviews by following the link. Max speaks with Rony in the studio from c.8 minutes in, and Geoff by phone c.105 minutes in.

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